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Advanced Technology.

At NB Smile Design, Dr. Barkhodari believes in using the most advanced technology available together with the most advanced dental techniques to improve our patients’ dental experience and improve their long-term oral health. These advanced dental technologies also allow for early detection of disease. Early detection is key to ensure dental issues are fixed before they become painful, complicated and expensive to solve.

Digital X-rays


Digital X-rays can reveal issues that may not be seen during a visual exam and can help save time by providing clearer images and expose patients to less radiation than traditional X-rays. Digital imaging allows Dr. Barkhodari, your SF dentist, to see a comprehensive view of your oral health to be able to diagnose any issues early on.


Intraoral Scanners


The iTero 5D Element scanner has advanced digital imaging capabilities that allow our team to quickly scan your teeth with a “wand” to get an even more detailed view of your oral health, including for treatments such as dental implants and digital impressions for treatments such as any restorative treatment including crowns and bridges, veneers, inlays/onlays, implants, and orthodontic treatments like Invisalign


The advanced digital scanner provides highly accurate detail of your teeth without any harmful radiation and the digital impression experience is far more comfortable than old-fashioned, messy and uncomfortable impressions using putty.

Treatment Simulation


Using this technology, Dr. Barkhodari can also provide you with a simulation of your treatment results in real-time, so she can walk you through your treatment needs and you can see your teeth on the monitor and make a more informed decision on improving your oral health.


The Invisalign Outcome Simulator can show how your treatment is progressing with iTero TimeLapse technology. This allows Dr. Barkhodari to make sure your treatment is progressing well. When our patients are involved in their treatment and can see the changes over time, we find they are more likely to stay engaged in their treatment process which leads to even faster results.

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