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Composite Fillings.

You can dramatically decrease your likelihood of requiring fillings by taking steps such as brushing and flossing after meals and having a well-balanced diet. For people who still require intervention, our Union Street dental practice is here to help.


Dr. Barkhodari offers composite resins or tooth-colored fillings as a solution for teeth that show early signs of decay or have issues such as small fractures.

What's The Purpose of a Filling?


Fillings are required to ward off dental infections and shore up your tooth. Composite fillings can provide a more natural-looking option to amalgam (mixed metal fillings), which means no one will even notice you have a filling!


Fillings can be completed quickly in our office on Union Street, and you can get straight back to normal activities afterward, so don’t delay as the longer you leave cavities, the bigger the issue can become!

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